10 Health Problems During Travel And What You Can Do To Solve Them

1) Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of most typical health problems that explorers suffer from. If you’re not sure about the consuming water, do not drink tap water, ice and foodstuffs washed in tap water. Consume bottled water. Keep a hand antiseptic with having alcohol. Make certain dairy products are sterilized and that vegetables, fresh fruits, and meat have been properly cooked or skinned.

If you catch diarrhea, take it easy for about one day. Review your diet. Consider boiled potatoes, rice, dry toast bread, clear soup, and weak tea.

2) Nausea

To combat motion sickness, let not close the windows so fresh air can move in. If conceivable, make recurrent stops for fresh air also. Think of; nausea medication wants to be consumed one hour before you require it.

3) Sores

Moleskin, dressings, tape, hard anti-rubbing stick or two pairs of socks can stop, postpone or protect sores.

4) Lung Infections

If you’re sensing sick, take a break and consume a lot of fluids. Cold drugs are generally accessible. Go to a doctor if it feels severe.

5) Scrapes/Cuts

Keep cuts sanitary and safe. Carefully clean and moisten open lesions. Use water and soap. Make certain no rubbish is left in the wound. Put on a topical antibiotic balm and insure with tape or dressing. Likewise, before traveling, get to it that your vaccine of tetanus is current to avoid severe consequences from any abrasions or cuts.

6) Malaria development

Discuss with your doctor about taking of antimalarial medicines before your flight. Use parasite-net if desired. Stay away from mosquito causing malaria bites by putting on long pants and long sleeves. Use a spray of permethrin on your outfit, tents, and hangings to decrease mosquito bites. Apply DEET spray with an absorption of 35 percent on your body. If you have any marks of malaria, pursue urgent medical aid.

7) Drying out

Take safety measures to evade dehydration on long trips. Consume lightly and drink a lot of fluids, but stay away from alcohol or coffee as they root dehydration.

8) Sun tan

Avoid sunburn by dodging the rays of sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Mask up with the outfit, wide-abounded caps, and shades. Use sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of no less than 15. You need a wide range sunscreen which guards against both UVB and UVA rays.

9) Stay true to your destination

Set your schedule of sleep two to three days before your flight. Stay away from alcohol, tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks. On long trips, stretch frequently and stroll up and down the lanes. Stay accurate to the native time at your last stop.

10) Diseases that Transmit Sexually

The best way to stop an STD is self-denial. If that’s not your favored selection, you can catch condoms at drugstores and lavatory selling machines. Or think of having condoms before you go on your flight. Keep condoms distant from sunblock, cream and heat which can harm them.

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