Want to Upgrade Your Egg Game? – Here are a few ways

Eggs are the prime and versatile source of protein. Due to the versatile nature of eggs, you can use them in different ways. If you are bored of the same old egg dishes, try the following tips and bring some difference.

When we talk about eating healthy, then enough protein should be added to your diet to get success. Eggs- as one of the staple protein sources should not be missed out. Missing out on proteins can cost you lose the required results. So change the way of having eggs and get the success of eating healthy and never get bored.

Try the following tips and be creative with your egg dishes. Don’t stress out; the mentioned ways are delicious and yet healthy.

Healthy Egg Salad

Are you avoiding egg salad thinking that it contains high calories and high-fat mayonnaise? Yes,  the mayonnaise fat should be avoided in the healthy diet plan but to forgo egg salad completely because of this?

Let’s not avoid the egg salad completely and instead made some modifications to the recipe. So, just mix the boiled egg with some mashed avocado. Avocado will give you a good dose of vitamin E and will also provide the healthy unsaturated fat along with fiber. Moreover, it will give the creamy texture to the salad too.

Add little lemon juice, salt, pepper or any other spice to get the flavor. Try this, and it will become your new favorite egg salad.

Poached Eggs

Traditionally, the poached eggs are served with two slices of bread. But if you are following a low carb diet then you cannot place this way of serving the eggs on your menu. Consider an alternative to bread by serving the eggs over salad leaves or any other leafy vegetable. You can boil them to make them soft.

The green leaf spinach will provide you with a load of antioxidants and iron, and you will get a delicious meal that contains a balanced amount of proteins, healthy fats, and dietary fibers.

Protein Pancake

Try a totally different egg recipe and consider making a protein pancake. Protein pancake can be prepared according to your preferences with a variety of mix-ins, but eggs and whey protein powder are the main ingredients.

To prepare the pancakes, you can take eggs and whey protein powder and an egg white. Mix them with ¾ cup of raw oats and half banana. After blending these ingredients, cook them like a regular pancake. The pancakes prepared will be healthier than the original recipe.

Another delicious Salad Recipe

If you are preparing a salad, then add a chopped or sliced hard boiled egg into it. By this, you will add a considerable amount of proteins and also some variety of taste in your plain vegetable salad.

One of the good things about hard boiled eggs is that they can be kept in the fridge for few days, making them easy to have for a quick meal.

So do not become bored with eggs and keep the eggs in your fridge to try these healthy and different recipes.


10 Health Problems During Travel And What You Can Do To Solve Them

1) Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of most typical health problems that explorers suffer from. If you’re not sure about the consuming water, do not drink tap water, ice and foodstuffs washed in tap water. Consume bottled water. Keep a hand antiseptic with having alcohol. Make certain dairy products are sterilized and that vegetables, fresh fruits, and meat have been properly cooked or skinned.

If you catch diarrhea, take it easy for about one day. Review your diet. Consider boiled potatoes, rice, dry toast bread, clear soup, and weak tea.

2) Nausea

To combat motion sickness, let not close the windows so fresh air can move in. If conceivable, make recurrent stops for fresh air also. Think of; nausea medication wants to be consumed one hour before you require it.

3) Sores

Moleskin, dressings, tape, hard anti-rubbing stick or two pairs of socks can stop, postpone or protect sores.

4) Lung Infections

If you’re sensing sick, take a break and consume a lot of fluids. Cold drugs are generally accessible. Go to a doctor if it feels severe.

5) Scrapes/Cuts

Keep cuts sanitary and safe. Carefully clean and moisten open lesions. Use water and soap. Make certain no rubbish is left in the wound. Put on a topical antibiotic balm and insure with tape or dressing. Likewise, before traveling, get to it that your vaccine of tetanus is current to avoid severe consequences from any abrasions or cuts.

6) Malaria development

Discuss with your doctor about taking of antimalarial medicines before your flight. Use parasite-net if desired. Stay away from mosquito causing malaria bites by putting on long pants and long sleeves. Use a spray of permethrin on your outfit, tents, and hangings to decrease mosquito bites. Apply DEET spray with an absorption of 35 percent on your body. If you have any marks of malaria, pursue urgent medical aid.

7) Drying out

Take safety measures to evade dehydration on long trips. Consume lightly and drink a lot of fluids, but stay away from alcohol or coffee as they root dehydration.

8) Sun tan

Avoid sunburn by dodging the rays of sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Mask up with the outfit, wide-abounded caps, and shades. Use sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of no less than 15. You need a wide range sunscreen which guards against both UVB and UVA rays.

9) Stay true to your destination

Set your schedule of sleep two to three days before your flight. Stay away from alcohol, tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks. On long trips, stretch frequently and stroll up and down the lanes. Stay accurate to the native time at your last stop.

10) Diseases that Transmit Sexually

The best way to stop an STD is self-denial. If that’s not your favored selection, you can catch condoms at drugstores and lavatory selling machines. Or think of having condoms before you go on your flight. Keep condoms distant from sunblock, cream and heat which can harm them.

Good Habits Recommended For Women For A Better Living

Adopting and sticking to good habits is essential for every single woman. It will make life easier, beautiful and add up to your personality:

Have a good day every day: 

Refresh your mind by having a new and positive start each day. Keep yourself distant to negativity and over thinking. Enjoy your own company and in that time try to find out solutions to underlying problems.

Make exercise your daily habit:

Exercising daily even for shorter periods is essential for every girl. But, the most important point to consider is to be consistent on it.

Say no to meat for a day at least:

Consuming meat on a regular basis is not recommended. It will only lead you to become fat and can cause heart-related problems. Health issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes are the leading issues caused by frequent consumption of meat. Celebrate a meat-free day in every week and allow fresh and organic foods to be on your plate.

Drink water with lemon:

Drinking water with adding lemon in it every morning makes your digestive tract healthy and destructs harmful bacteria by cleaning your gastrointestinal tract. This remedy is also helpful in reducing weight especially belly fat.

Subtract sugar from your diet: 
Subtracting sugar from your daily diet is a good step for good health. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar leads you nowhere but to only obesity and the like health issues as it has no healthy nutrients in it.

Stay away from wrinkles with Vitamin A:
Instead of repeatedly buying useless products claiming to vanish the signs of aging, add adequate vitamin a to your diet which aids in late signs of aging thus make you look younger for a longer period of life.

Leave your Cell Phone for a while:

Leave your cell phone and go to some place distant from that. It makes you think clearer and protects you from depression, anxiety, and stress. It brings about the feeling of calmness and relaxation as well.
Stop beating yourself up:
Stop blaming yourself for anything that happens either a home, work or any other place. If you are regretting and event or feel unhappy about it then address it right at that moment and if it is not possible to move on. Harping on things that have already been done will only make you tensed, increase your anxiety and lead to many other problems.

Stay away from drugs and smoking:

It will only lead you to age and die early.

Pay heed to your clothes:

Proper washing, handling and placing of your clothes is a good habit that makes you mindful and conscious about your own self.

 Eat only when you are hungry: 

Avoid overeating, avoid eating when you are stressed out and avoid eating when you have nothing important to do. If your refrigerator is full of snacks that do not necessarily means that you should consume it after every passing hour. It will only add up to your body weight. It can lead you to waste your money too.

The Use Of Facial Oils According To Different Skin Types

Everyone possesses different skin according to which many different oils are recommended to use and to take good care of their skin.  Here are the recommendations for natural oils for beautiful skin according to different skin types:

For Blemish Prone Skin:

  • Oil from Pumpkin Seed:

This oil is considered to be one of the best for Blemish-Prone Skin as it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc which are face friendly. This oil works by preventing the sebum oxidation at the back of many outbreaks. Moreover, higher amounts of linoleic acid make it a favorable choice for the blemish-prone skin as it balances the skin.

  • Oil extracted from Grape seed

This oil has the ability to absorb within the skin rapidly and then acts as anti-inflammatory agent. It includes antioxidants. It has linoleic acid in it. Due to all these factors, this oil is desirable for blemish free skin.

  • Oil from Hemp Seed

This oil contains antioxidants, vitamins A, vitamin E, and zinc. Zinc is considered to be lovely for skin. This oil, too, comprises of linoleic acid due to which it makes the blemish free skin. A dried hemp seed can be used best with the combination of other oils.\

  • Oil extracted from Tamanu tree:

Tamanu oil is discovered to heal damaged skin and avoid scarring. It has Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Caution: People having a tree nut allergy, may avoid tamanu oil or check with their doctor before using it.

For people having oily Skin:

  • Oil from Jojoba the shrub:

In fact, this oil is a liquid wax which helps equalize oil formation in those with oily skin. It does this by stopping the skin from forming more oil.   It also has antioxidants and fatty acids which protect and soften the skin.

For people with Dry Skin:

  • The lighter weight Almond Oil:

Quick absorption of this oil within skin deep makes it the most suitable for people with sensitive skin type to moisturize it. Also, it is lighter in content.

  • The use of oils extracted from Apricot Kernel:

Similar to almond oil, apricot kernel oil absorbs rapidly and is intensively soothing. It contains no or less odor.

For people with signs of Aging or having a Mature Skin:

  • Oil extracted from Morrocon tree Argan:

This oil quickly absorbs into the skin. It increases the reproduction of cells, minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.it also has good amounts of phenols and carotenes, antioxidants that shield the skin from aging free-radical damage. Due to so many characteristics, this oil is known as liquid gold.

  • Extraction of Rosehip Seed

It is comparatively a dry oil in nature. It penetrates the skin rapidly. It contains antioxidant vitamin C and is capable of greater collagen formation. It is also rich in retinoic acid that, according to the studies, minimizes the visibility of wrinkles and scars, and makes the skin even brighter.

  • Oil extracted from the Seed of Pomegranate

It has antioxidants flavonoids, which delays aging by balancing collagen-damaging free-radicals and lessening inflammation.

For people having sensitive skin

  • Extraction of European herb Borage

In this oil, there is gamma linolenic acid (GLA), that is when applied, reduces inflammation in the skin. Topical application of this oil is found to be effective in the prevention and treatment of inflammation of the skin and the like conditions, e.g., acne, dermatitis, and eczema.

  • Oil from the evergreen Avocado

It is a well-known oil for its moistening power as it contains B vitamins, antioxidant, and vitamins A as well. It is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Get To Know The Secret Behind The Beauty Of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is a well known face in the world right now. She is the duchess of the Cambridge and a member of the royal family. Being a member of royal family is not an easy task because the media keeps an eye on you and many people follow you. So, you need to be well dressed and have a pleasing personality. Kate is always known as a fashion icon and there are many people that admire her beauty. She always stuns and amazes the world with her looks and new fashion statement.

In the latest interview, she said that being a duchess brings lots of responsibility and tasks due to which there is a lot of stress. It is the stress that enhances the aging process but Kate has successfully managed to maintain her youthful looks. Once in an interview she was asked that how she manages to maintain her beauty, she said that it is a top royal secret but she can reveal it. She said that it is very hard to maintain and take care of the skin with such busy schedule but she has managed to do so with the help of an anti aging cream that has helped her to maintain her face glow and stop the aging process.

She said that she uses an anti aging cream that is made by Deborah Mitchell that came with the name of gold bee venom mask and here is the name of  ​Kate Middleton anti aging wrinkle cream that you can also use to maintain the freshness and youthfulness of your skin.

She said that the hydration is the key factor that helps her to maintain the fitness of her skin as well as helps her to eliminate the sign of wrinkles and fine lines. The skin losses its efficiency to control the water as soon as it starts aging. That is why all you need to do is to provide enough water to the skin so that it can repair the damaged skin cells and also produce new collagen that will help the skin to retain the glow and keep the face wrinkle free. She further stated that this cream provides all the necessary requirements that her skin needs in order to look young. She also said that drinking more water and eating healthy food is also the key to healthy skin. She said that this cream is recommended to all those women who purchase high budget anti aging cream but do not get effective results.

Other creams she used

Furthermore, she also said that to get more effective results she also used the cream that was proposed to her by Dr. Oz. This cream is only available for the celebrities but now as it remains no secret it will soon be available in the market. This cream is mind blowing and gives very effective results as well. In this cream, there are two serums added that known for their anti aging qualities. These two serums are known as proprietary biosphere and qusome.